Oh Baby:
Was all i could say when i discovered i was pregnant.


The Evolution:
With ten year experience in graphic design and advertising, U would think that i am prepared for the ultimate creative process. I had no idea, but with my baby as my muse, i’ve learned more than i could imagine.

Too cute to shoot is bringing new meaning to baby photography and souvenirs.


The studio:
It is a revolutionary idea in giving moms a truly fun-filled photo album of their babies to look back on.

Forget the classical-style portrait shooting of your baby all dressed up in their Sunday best… Today, your babies could look like something that just stepped out of a very cute advert!

The fun doesn’t end here because once you have those adorable pictures of your baby, you will then want to show them off at every possible opportunity!
Too cute to shoot offers you just that. Printable items that will make sure those wonderful pictures don’t just get stuck in the family album.


Your Choice:
Your choice of personalised items includes Posters, Birthday cards, Bags, Gift voucher, and many more.