Ask Me

  • Do I need to make an appointment?

I do accept walk-ins, but to ensure you are helped at a time most convenient for you and your child(ren), it is best to make an appointment. To book your appointment just call 9613638683.


  • What kind of props do you have at Too cute to shoot?

Too cute to shoot features fresh, unique, props, Costumes, hats, toys that will enhance the image of your child adding color and vibrancy and bringing out your child’s special personality!


  • What color are the backdrops at Too cute to shoot?

My backdrops are bright and colorful, designed to best show off your child’s unique personality. Currently, our backdrop colors include white, blue, green, clouds, but check back often because we keep our studios fresh by introducing new colors from time to time.


  • Can I bring my pet in for a portrait sitting?

Yes, absolutely. I’m pleased to be able to offer pet portrait sittings for my customers. However, we do have a few special rules to ensure the safety of both our customers and our furry friends.


  • What kinds of items do you offer ?

Too cute to shoot offers a lot of cute items, such as Big Bags, Belt Bags, Little Girl’s Bag, Port Monel Fermoire, Sacs, Calendars, Mugs, Mouse Pads, Key Holders, Birthday Cards and much much more..